Sunday, 22 July 2007

A Teaser for Tomorrow

I had a lovely package in the post today which totally cheered me up after the Royal Mail failed to deliver the new Harry Potter book which I pre-ordered from Amazon back in January. :0( I eventually went to my local Asda and bought one from there. I'm now halfway through and it's brilliant. :0) When (and if) Royal Mail ever deliver the one from Amazon, it will be going straight back, with a stroppy letter to both about lack of decent service.

Anyway, back to the little package that cheered me up today. It's knitting related but not yarn. Although I can use it with yarn. It's also sock-related, although not sock yarn. I will post a photo tomorrow to put you out of your misery. ;0)

I definitely recommend the seller - the service was exceptional. :0) More to follow tomorrow ....................

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