Thursday, 19 July 2007

Sweater No. 2 - Finished

I finished sweater no. 2 earlier - YAY!!! It's now all packed up and ready to go off to King Cole Ltd. tomorrow. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of it after I'd sewn it up. Instead, here are some WIP pics.

I received the payment today for the first sweater, which has spurred me on to get this one finished and start no. 3.

They also told me that I get to keep the unused balls of yarn, which is great. There are about 3 and a half balls left over from each sweater so I should be able to make 2 sweaters for DS (one in
each colour) and use the rest to make some crochet throws.

I also managed to do some knitting on my Sockamania July socks. I've almost finished the first one - just the rib to go. I'll post pics tomorrow.

This is the third Sockamania sock I've knitted and unfortunately I won't get to wear this pair either! The first ones will be going to my Sockapalooza pal next month, the second ones I gave to DS's teacher yesterday and now DH has nabbed the third ones!

Out of the 40-plus socks I've knitted so far, I've yet to knit a pair for DH and I think he's feeling a bit left out. ;0) I've refused to knit him any so far because his toe nails are so long they always go straight through his socks (gross!!) but he's promised to keep them trim and keep these socks for best.

Oh well, maybe I'll get to keep next month's ..... ;0)


debz said...

my goodness linda, you must be knitting like a demon lately the amount you are churning out, well done you, the sweater looks great and great news on being able to keep left over yarn.

LittleBerry said...

there must be steam coming off your needles.....

Kai said...

steam definitely!!! :)

it looks absolutely fabulous. love the colour.

Linda said...

I don't know about steam coming off the needles - there's definitely steam coming off me!

I'm so warm knitting these things!

I think the yarn is super chunky - it's 10sts and 14rows to 4 ins. It has been really hot and humid here these past few nights. Last night, I was sewing up the 2nd sweater and had the whole thing covering me - I was HOT!