Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Sweater Marathon

I really must be mad. Last week, I agreed to knit 4 sweaters (adult size 36") and to do them as quickly as I possibly can as they are needed ASAP. It does help that they are knit in a chunky yarn so they knit up quickly - I did the back yesterday and the front today - but I know that I'm going to get bored before the 2nd one is finished! ;0) And they're all the same pattern. But at least I've got 2 different colours to alternate between.

So, all my other WIPs are going to have to go on the back burner for now. Except for MS3, which I shall be knitting on weekends, just to have a break from sweaters. I'm hoping to get one sweater finished per week - I'm hoping they'll all be finished and sent off by the beginning of August, when the HipKnits Project Club starts with a lacy shawl.

And the reason for all this sweater madness? I occasionally knit garments for the King Cole yarn company. I saw an advert at the beginning of last year asking for knitters and because I didn't have much OTN, I decided to apply. So far I've done a baby sweater and an adult hoodie jacket both in DK but this is the first time I've been asked to knit so many items at once, especially in such a short time scale. It doesn't pay mega bucks (put it this way, I won't be able to give up my day job!) but at least it gives me a bit of extra cash to go towards, say, my visit to Colinette for the crochet course in August! That'll make all this sweater knitting worthwhile!

I'll hopefully post some pictures tomorrow - I'm hoping I can get the sleeves done tomorrow, sew up Thursday and post on Friday. The yarn I'm using is King Cole Aero, a chunky yarn that knits to 10sts and 14rows to 4 inches on 9mm and 10mm needles. (Going back to my 3mm needles for MS3 is going to be very strange!) It's 80% acrylic and 20% wool and is nice and easy to knit with. The colours I've been sent are Petrol (a gorgeous deep blue) and a bright red. Like I said, I'll try and post some pictures tomorrow so you can see what I'm rambling on about. ;0)

And now I really must go to bed or the bags under my eyes will be the same colour as the yarn!


Knittings Nice! said...

Wooh, way to go thats some knitting needing to be done. Good luck......need any matchsticks! for those eyes. lol.

Linda said...

Oh yes, matchsticks by the bucketload please! ;0)