Sunday, 8 July 2007

MS3 - Clue 2 finished

This is Clue 2 of MS3 which I finished about half an hour ago. I really must invest in some black material to take these photographs on - using the seat of my best black work trousers just doesn't cut it somehow! Brings a whole new meaning to "does my bum look big in this?" !!!
I'm really enjoying this pattern so far. I have no idea what the theme could be, although the next bit of pattern looks like it will be honeycombs and the first bit now looks a bit scarab beetle -y to me. But who knows!?!
I'm really enjoying knitting with this yarn - Posh Yarn Cecilia cobweb laceweight. It's in the Marmalade colourway and has a very subtle variegation running through it.
Roll on next Friday and Clue 3!


Annette said...

That looks stunning, Linda and the marmalade works really well with the pattern.. you're right it does look like a beetle... I was a bit late signing up to MS3 and am waiting for some laceweight from the Yarn Yard to start mine. So pleased you got the button to work! And a belated Happy Birthday too!

Linda said...

Thanks Annette for the comments and I'm so glad I got the button sorted at last. :0) Looking at some of the other photos on the MS3 Yahoo site, some Clue 1s look like a face - I can definitely see eyes in some of them!

Aknita said...

That looks lovely Linda - I have seen a few of these now and each one looks so very different.

I wasn't sure I was up to this challenge just yet!

Kay said...

Oooh, that's looking gorgeous.

And belated Happy Birthday!

LittleBerry said...

Looks absolutley gorgeous Linda :)

Christina said...

wow, that's lovely. I hope you weren't wearing the trousers at the time ;) !! Are you still going to the crochet course in august?

Linda said...

LOL @ Christina! :0)

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Christina - I am still going on the crochet course in August - I'm counting down the days. I can't wait. :0)

Christina said...

yay - I'll see you there then!!!