Saturday, 8 November 2008

Super Secret Santa, SEX and FOs

Get ready for a photo-heavy post. I've been gone a while and I have lots to show you. ;0)

I recently took part in a Secret Santa swap on the Crafty Threads n Yarn forum and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My parcel came from Franney and she did some spot-on stalking - I couldn't have chosen better for myself. Thank you Franney! :0)

She sent me a gorgeous project bag in scary Halloween fabric (which she made herself).

In this bag were 2 balls of Louisa Harding Grace - silk/wool mix - in the most gorgeous blue colour which is becoming a scarf as we speak. ;0) I'm knitting the Opera Scarf pattern on 6mm needles. Mine isn't as "open" as theirs but I love how it's knitting up - the sheen on this yarn IRL is amazing and it's very warm too. Ideal for a scarf (plus it matches my new winter coat perfectly).

Now, me and Franney share an interest - we both own pet rats - and so she made me a hammock for my ratties in the same fabric as my project bag. How fab is this?! It's lined with fleece fabric - and my 4 think it's the bee's knees - they're so comfy, I now have to physically remove them for playtime! *LOL*

This isn't the best photo, but I can assure you that this hammock is so well made, and much better than anything I've bought from a shop before.

Be warned Franney - I'll be sending orders your way in the future! ;0)

Just in case you were wondering, the dogs weren't left out either - they received a bag of Pedigree treats but being the big fat greedy pigs they are, they've eaten them already so I don't have a photo to show you! *LOL*

Right, back to me! ;0) I also had the most fabulous pair of mittens - again made by Franney (she's so talented) - to wear when I walk the dogs.

They have a flap on the back so I can whip my fingers out when I need them - how ingenious is that?!

They are very warm - and again match my new winter coat perfectly. :0)

Also in my parcel was this fab "knitted" mug - way cool! and I've wanted one for ages - some shortbread biscuits and some Green and Black's spicy chocolate, which unfortunately didn't last long but was absolutely delicious. :0)

Franney also sent me some buttons to match the yarn, a Ravelry badge and some stitchmarkers. Once again, thank you Franney - it was a wonderful swap!

I went to Get Knitted in Bristol today for a course on Professional Finishing with Debbie Abrahams. However, when I arrived at 10.05 a.m., I was told that the course had been cancelled because Debbie was ill and I should have had a phone call to let me know. Obviously I hadn't *rolls eyes*. But the day was not a complete waste of time because GK offered me 20% on any purchases I made to make up for any inconvenience. I wanted to buy some Knit Picks Harmony needle tips anyway and a "few" other things just happened to fall into my basket while I was there. *LOL* ;0)

I got some Mirasol 'Hacho' to make this pattern (Hawaii)

some Manos del Uruguay silk blend (luscious!) to make Hibiscus

and a ball of Sublime extra fine merino wool DK to finish of a pair of Corazon mittens for a Christmas present

and some needle tips, patterns etc. - "just because" - *LOL*

Now, just so you don't think I haven't been doing anything at all while I haven't been blogging, here are a couple of FOs - ;0)

my 3rd pair of Corazons - again for a Christmas present

I LOVE this pattern. :0)

It takes me about 6 hours to knit a pair of mittens and people think you've sweated blood making them! *LOL*

Finally, I made my son this scarf - from Morehouse Farm Merino - I still need to add some "smoke" coming from his nostrils but it's 99% done -

I'm Welsh, need I say more? ;0)