Wednesday, 1 August 2007

4 Sweaters in 21 days

Is this a record I wonder? I was so glad to pack up that 4th sweater tonight and will breathe a sigh of relief when it goes off in the post tomorrow. ;0) It took about 3 hours this evening to knit the collar and then sew it up. I didn't have time this evening to do any other knitting but I've got my bag packed and ready for tomorrow with DS's cotton cardigan. It'll be nice to knit with something other than chunky yarn.

Oh, I did use some of the left over King Cole Aero last night to start a crochet afghan for Many Tears Rescue - this is where we had our GSD Lexi from last year. Last Christmas I sent them a few knitted blankets but I thought I'd use up my stash and crochet some this year. It's also much quicker so I'm hoping to make more this year. The KC Aero is very chunky so I'm thinking it may make a nice horse blanket - I've got plenty of yarn left over so size shouldn't be a problem. ;0)

And this bit of crochet will give me a bit of practice ready for my course at Colinette this Saturday. I can't wait! :0)

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LittleBerry said...

you have my admiration 4 sweaters in 21 days :O there's no way I could have done that. YOu've earned yourself that course at Colinette. Enjoy!!!