Tuesday, 21 August 2007

What a waste of time :0(

Okay. Time for a whinge, I'm afraid. I'm totally fed up of spending my time and money on knitting designs that simply haven't been thought out properly. I've spent an irretrieval amount of hours over the past 12 months knitting a shawl jacket only to find out that I didn't have enough yarn to knit the two sleeves, even though my tension was spot on. So I emailed the designer and then had to pay P&P to have the yarn posted to me. This miffed me to say the very least, but I wanted to finish the jacket so paid the money. The yarn eventually arrived, slightly thicker than the original and a slightly different colour, but I carried on.

This evening, I finished one sleeve and tried the jacket on. I used exactly the measurements as stated in the pattern, again with correct tension, but the sleeves are way too short for me.


This means that I'm going to have to e-mail the designer (again), wait for a response (again), pay P&P (again) - for the privilege of having enough yarn to finish the jacket when, in my opinion, there should have been enough yarn included in the kit in the first place - and then wait for the yarn to arrive (again) before I can start the second sleeve. And then I have to undo the first sleeve and make it longer. And more than likely, after I've done all that, I'll hate the thing and never wear it.


Quite frankly, I have better things to do with my life.

This jacket is currently stuffed in a dark corner, waiting for the day when I can be bothered to frog it. If that day never comes, then I won't be sorry.

In future, I'll be sticking to companies who I know provide enough yarn with their kits, and who also provide well-written patterns which have been tried and tested.



LittleBerry said...

think you've every right to have a good moan.... ((HUGS))

Kai said...

Aww *hugs*

I agree, you have every right to have a moan.

I can't believe that not only did you not have enough yarn in the first place, but rather than apologising and sending you out more yarn, you had to pay P&P!!!!! I'm outraged.

Knittings Nice! said...

This can be so infuriating...had the same with some yarn I bought myself...went back to company and they then sent the wrong darn colour....also takes the edge off the item that ones knitted with all the time and effort.

Bronte said...

No, don't stuff it in the corner! It seems pretty likely that you're not going to wear the garment after all the hassle (and I don't blame you at all) so I'd email the designer again, explaining your disappointment like you have here and asking for a complete refund. And send it back to them. :-P

Then spend your money on something lovely. :-)