Saturday, 26 May 2007

Not so "bleurgh" today

Well, I'm not feeling quite as "bleurgh" as I was the other day. I've almost finished 2 WIPs so that's helped. Unfortunately, I'm full up with a cold and have a really sore throat so that's not helping matters. :0( I'm hoping it won't hang around too long because I'm having my wisdom teeth taken out on Monday, 4th June under general anaesthetic and they won't do the op if I've got a cold. After waiting over 12 months for the op, I don't want to miss it now and have to wait again.

Anyway, to cheer myself up I ordered a new knitting bag, Ilga Leja Urban Goddess pattern and a Know Knits Go Knits pouch from Get Knitted. Super speedy service (as always) - ordered late Wednesday evening, e-mail yesterday morning to say it'd been sent and it arrived today. :0) Brill! I'll post some pics tomorrow, along with my 8 random facts - I've been thinking hard and hope what I've come up with is interesting! ;0)

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Knittings Nice! said...

See, it was that wrotten cold coming all along. Get better soon.