Thursday, 7 December 2006

Slipper-y Socks

I've already got 2 half-pairs of socks on the go, so what do I do? Cast on yet another pair! (rolls eyes and heaves a big sigh!!) And I was so determined not to get second sock syndrome! But, I'm not in any rush for those two so I thought I'd make my aunty a pair of slouch socks to wear as slippers around the house - hence the name - slipper-y socks - geddit?! Also, I'm finding the alpaca very slippery on my Addis. They're going to make a pair of really luxurious socks, they feel gorgeously soft. :)
I thought I'd make her up a "girl's-night-in pamper box" for her birthday which is 3 days before Christmas, which will include small bottles of hand, foot and face cream, chocolates, booze and these socks. (That's if I can bear to give them away, of course! ;) )

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Christina said...

that looks very snuggly and warm.