Friday, 15 December 2006

Perugino Throw

No progress on the Jitterbug socks today unfortunately, but I have been working with another Colinette yarn (I *lurve* Colinette yarns :) )

This is the Perugino throw I bought in kit form from Colinette back in July this year - available here;jsessionid=154581d3104af22/shopdata/0060_kits/0060_throws/0020_Perugino+throw/product_overview.shopscript .

It's a really easy pattern but it became quite large and unweildy towards the end so it got put to one side for a while while I concentrated on smaller projects.

It's in the Woodland colourway - I love it ;) It's just the thing for snuggling under on cold, wet winter nights

In the kit were 2 skeins of Giotto, 3 skeins of Mohair and 1 skein of Tagliatelli. I love the rich deep colours of the mohair and the variation in shades. However, I didn't enjoy knitting with the Tagliatelli, horrible twisty stuff IMHO!

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Christina said...

That's wonderful, I absolutely love the colours.