Monday, 18 December 2006

Aunty's Chunky Jacket

I finished this last night while watching the X-factor final (I'm soooo glad that Leona won btw!). It's for my aunty's birthday next Friday, along with a scarf and some socks.

I bought this kit from the Cardiff knitting and stitching show (back in October, I think). It was knit with four strands of yarn on 15 mm needles.

Here is the finished item (modelled by me) and also a WIP photo - the colour is more like the WIP photo IRL.
I hated using the 15mm needles - it was like knitting with broom handles. I was also knitting some socks at the time on 2.5 mm needles and going from small to extra-large was really odd. Give me 2.5 mm's any day!


Christina said...

Nice jacket.

Still looking forward to your jitterbug progress ;)

Christina said...

PS, I also meant to say, we were glad Leona won too. DS loves her, even though he's only 3!!! I think the poor boy was smitten ;)

Jinann said...

Love the jacket! It's Gorgeous!'ve been tagged! Please tell me "6 weird things" about yourself.

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