Thursday, 14 December 2006

FOs - Slipper-y and Sibling Socks

The photo on the left is my 'sibling' socks as I've taken to calling them. They are made with Schoeller and Stahl Fortissima Socka Color, which is really nice to knit with, on 2.5mm needles. Annoyingly, however, the subtle shade of orange in the first sock suddenly changed halfway through the ball on the second sock (no knots or joins or anything) into what looks, in real life, like luminous orange. I knew I'd never get this yarn to match identically, but now even the colour is nowhere near. I find this really annoying as I like my socks to be 'twins'. ;) (I'm anal, I know ;) )

The photo below - excuse the fuzziness - are the slipper-y slouch socks for my aunty for Christmas. To fit a size 6 foot on 2.5mm needles took exactly 100g of Artesano Alpaca (in Teal). I washed and blocked them and they are just the softest, most luxurious socks I've ever had my mitts on. ;) I really must knit myself a pair, they are gorgeous. And they feel so heavy too, which is really weird.

I've just cast on to make myself *yet another* pair of socks - I'm addicted! I'm using Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn which I got in a swap with Christina (aka Belaybunny). The colour is Velvet Olive and is a beautiful rich deep green. I'll hopefully post a WIP picture tomorrow. I'm only on the rib at the moment but I'm still not sure whether to go for plain stocking stitch or a woven k2 p2 pattern. The yarn is really soft and lovely to knit with. I'm definitely going to have to get some more of this!

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Christina said...

wow, you're quick. Lovely socks, I love the alpaca ones, especially. Glad you're enjoying the jitterbug, looking forward to seeing those.