Saturday, 30 June 2007

Swanky New PC

DH and I bought ourselves a swanky new PC yesterday. We've been thinking about getting a new one for quite a while - our last one was over 13 years old and getting really cranky! If you opened more than 2 windows at a time, it would shut itself down! Anyway, we finally bit the bullet and bought a new one. We were a bit concerned that we wouldn't be able to load everything we use on to it, but it couldn't have been smoother. Broadband, iTunes ..... you name it, it loaded fine. We had heard a few horror stories about Windows Vista causing problems but (touch wood) it's all working brilliantly at the moment.

I can't get over how fast this new one is - it has 160gb of memory. I'm not sure how much our old one had, probably about 8!, but it was extremely slow. It's also very, very quiet. You can hardly hear it running.

Well, I could rave on about my new PC for ages (and probably will, to everyone I meet!) but I won't bore you any more. Suffice to say, I'm a happy bunny! :0)

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Anni said...

Hi Linda, answer to the question yhou left on my blog. I think either of the Posh lace yarns will work. I'm using cobweb lace for mine. Try swatching and see if you like it. You may need to go for thinner needles. I'd try 2.75mm or 3mm. I was going to use 2.75mm for mine but had to order new Addi lace ones and they only had 3mm so I'm going to give that a go. good luck.