Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Sockapalooza Socks Finished

I finished these at the beginning of May but I've only just got around to washing and blocking them, so thought now would be a good time to post a picture.

They are made using the Sockamania May Day pattern, using 2 x 2.75 mm Inox Grey Circs and 100g (300m) of Fyberspates 100% Bluefaced Leicester sock yarn.

When I joined Sockapalooza 4, I was a bit worried that it would take me ages to find the right pattern for my pal. But I knew as soon as I started knitting these that they'd be just perfect. The combination of yarn and pattern was just right. A stress-free knit, that's what I like. :0)


Anonymous said...

beautiful socks/colors!

Anni said...

Gorgeous socks. Love the colour of the BFL too.

About the overdyeing queston from my Blog. I'm not an expert but this is how I overdyed my Mum's shawl (had to even out the colours).

I tried to get a colour close to the original but it was quite a bit brighter. If you ahve any yarn left knit up a small swatcht to test any colour first to make sure you're happy with it.

I used Procion MX which are available from Our local craft shop sell them too. You need to soak the yarn in vinegar/salt or citric acid/salt for 45 mins salt. (100ml/25gr salt/3ltr water per 100gr yarn or 25gr citric acid/25gr salt/3ltrwater per 100gr yarn). Then fill a large saucepan with lukewarm water (make sure theshawl has plenty of room to move around). Mix up your chosen dye in a small container, whatever dye you go for will have instructions for how to do this but remember it takes very little powder to get a strong colour. Pour your solutions into the saucepan and stir it. Add you shawl, bring to the boil, simmer slightly for about 20 mins. Remove from heat and leave to cool. I try to pour some of the water out to help it cool quicker. Once cool, rince throuroughly (add a bit of fabric conditioner) and gently squeeze out excess water and then block as normal.

While the shawl is in the water, stir very gently occasionally.

I overdyed a cashmere/silk lace weight scarf and wasterrified of it felting but it didn't at all.

Just be careful to check you're happy with the colour before you start dyeing your shawl.

anymore questons just ask. Good luck.

Linda said...

Anni, thanks for the really helpful advice. Not sure when I'll get around to doing it (too many WIPS *lol*) but at least now I know how to do it. Thanks again. :0)

Aknita said...

Those are lovely socks Linda