Monday, 2 April 2007

Knitting-related find at 'Next'

It's the first day of my annual leave today and while out shopping earlier I popped into Next. Look what I found to keep all my bits and pieces in - a make up roll for £7.50.
There is so much room inside, so I'll be able to keep all my stitch markers, scissors, cable needles, etc, all in one place.

And it was only £7.50!!


Aknita said...

What a good idea, a place for everything and everything in it's place :)- and Sahahra's looking good too!

Hawkesley said...

What a great find. I could do with buying one of those to keep all my bits and bobs in too.

Saffy said...

What a great idea - i was vaguely thinking about buying a pencil case for those type of bits and pieces, but that is an even better idea.

Christina said...

that looks great. but boo hoo, I went into my next and they didn't have any!!! :( *mutters about living in the back of beyond* !!