Friday, 13 April 2007

I'm Singing in the Rain

Well, not exactly, it's been gloriously sunny here today but that's the song I've been singing while knitting my current socks. ;0)

I'm using Posh Yarn's April sock club yarn (Lucia) called "April Showers". When I first saw this yarn, I wanted a pattern that would look like ripples on water. Then I saw the "Scrolls" pattern on page 95 of More Sensational Knitted Socks. It's a 14-row pattern, and every row is a pattern row, but I'm really enjoying knitting these. This pattern has such a great texture to it as well, it's almost 3D IRL.

I'm quite tempted to make the "Travelling Vine" pattern for my next pair in Sirdar Town and Country - I've got 2 gorgeous green balls of this in my stash. A friend I used to work with years ago is 72 next week, and her favourite colour is green, so I think I'll make them for her.

Valerie, I'm glad your Posh Yarn came today, it's always nice to have a squishy pink parcel in the post. :0) Is yours the same colour? I know Dee said they'd all be slightly different.


sebskins said...

oh I like them very much. I must get that book :)

Aknita said...

That's a lovely looking sock, and your holiday location looked idyllic.

Valerie said...

That pattern is perfect for this yarn; I think it achieves exactly the effect you were looking for. My yarn is similar in colour. According to Dee's email it should have some green in it but I see only blue, grey and mauve in both yours and mine. It's quite dramatic and you have inspired me to look for a special pattern for it. I'm almost finished my current pair of socks-in-progress,in Panda Cotton for my mom for her birthday, so tonight I'm getting out all my sock books to look for a pattern (alas I don't have the book your pattern is in).
Have fun working on them!

Anni said...

They're looking gorgeous. Love the pattern and the colour. I had a pink Posh parcel two days ago, not the sock club but some other gorgeous sock yarn.