Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Not-Even-Remotely-Related Socks

I'm usually very anal about getting my socks to match *identically*. I fret if a striped pair are even a millimetre out and I spend hours trying to get handpainted sock yarn to match. (rolls eyes)

Now, these socks aren't remotely alike, even though they're from the same skein which didn't have any breaks or knots in it.


I love this yarn so much I don't care that there's an obvious change in the colour. This is Fleece Artist Sea Wool sock yarn and I can't wait to get some more. :-) It's gorgeous to knit with and feels like silk slipping through your fingers.

The colours are wonderfully vibrant IRL. It may just be my crappy monitor, but these pictures really don't do the colour justice.

I used one whole skein of Sea Wool, 115 grams/350m, for these socks on 2.75 mm circs. This fits my UK size 6 foot which is approx. 8.5 inches around the ball of my foot, approx. 9 inches from heel to toe, and the socks have a leg length of approx. 10 inches. I used Wendy's generic feather and fan sock pattern (http://wendyknits.net/knit/featherandfansock.pdf)

I admit I was a little dubious about increasing from 60 sts to 72 sts for the leg. I thought they would be way too baggy. But they fit perfectly. :-) The yarn knits up very quickly, with great stitch definition and has a lovely sheen to it. I'm really looking forward to using more of this in the future.

Guess what I'll be wearing to work tomorrow ..... ;-)


Valerie said...

Wow! Those are great socks and you are one fast sock knitter!(What does that mean about the knee socks?) I'm glad you like the yarn so much. That's weird about the colour changes, but they look wonderful just as they are. I experienced the same thing with my husband's Fleece Artist socks, where the first part of the skein (used for the first sock) had lots of grey in it and the second very little. Must be something about their dyeing process. Anyway, I love your socks!

Linda said...

Thanks Valerie for the yarn swap. :-) I wore them to work today and they were really comfortable. It's true that they allow your feet to breathe - so no stinky sweaty feet for me
today! ;-) (not that I have stinky sweaty feet, of course .....)

As for the knee socks, I've returned my attention to them again and they should be finished by the end of the week. Although I won't want to wear them ..... I only want to wear my Sea Wool socks ;-)

Christina said...

they're fab, I want some too!!! better wait a bit though, cos my sock stash is large ;)

Aknita said...

Those are lovely socks Linda. My sock yarn stash seems to be on the increase at present, since I've joined in the Sock-a-Month Challenge - even though I believe the whole point was to work your way through your stash not add to it!!!!!

I've been looking at your blog for a while btw, but have only just joined blogland myself! (Joy)