Tuesday, 13 February 2007

There is someone there! :)

Thanks to Teresa for leaving me a message on here and also thanks to Valerie in Canada for e-mailing (she will hopefully be receiving the sock yarn soon). It's nice to know I'm not waffling on to myself!

Some finished pics of the Falling in Love socks will be coming soon, along with my current WIP - a pair of pink/orange/cream striped socks. It's unusual but at least I won't lose them in my sock drawer!! ;)


Knittings Nice! said...

Sorry laughing to myself, I seem to have spent a lifetime waffling to myself, even do it when I go shopping in Sainsburys, waffling under my breath about the price of things going up. Teresa.

Christina said...

I'm still here!!!!! ;) Been a bit busy knitting though :)

Linda said...

Christina - shouldn't you be studying, missus?!?! LOL!

(btw, love the mini Posh socks on your blog ;) )

Christina said...

er yes, u got me. but I'm ahead of track, so now doing a bit of knitting ;)