Thursday, 22 February 2007

Lots of Goodies in the Post Today :)

My first parcel contained luscious sock yarn - many thanks to Valerie in Canada for having a yarn swap with me. :-) She sent me the most beautiful Fleece Artist Sea Wool sock yarn. It's a gorgeous colour and has a lovely sheen. I can't wait to get knitting with it. I can feel my resistance weakening and those knee high socks being stuffed into a corner pretty soon! ;)

My next parcel contained a wool winder from Texere. I've been meaning to buy one of these for a while and finally got around to it. What fun!! I wound 1,100 grams of cobweb laceweight in about 5 minutes flat. I just need to buy *more* skeins now to have the fun all over again ;-)

And this is the gorgeous Sea Wool sock yarn being wound. I can't wait to see how the colours knit up.


Hawkesley said...

It looks like you got some lovely goodies in the post there. That Fleece Artist yarn looks very scrummy :-)

Anni said...

That yarn looks beautful. I like fleece artist. Be careful with washing though. I ruined my socks by washing them on normal wash too many times.

Linda said...

Thanks for that Anni. All other socks (Regia, Opal and Posh Yarn) I know I can throw in a 40 degree wash but I'll make sure that I hand wash these instead. :-) I'm only 3 rows away from finishing the first one and I love it. If I could marry this sock, I would, I love it that much! ;-)