Tuesday, 4 September 2007

A Bag for Saira

I haven't blogged much lately because I've been knitting things which are for swaps and I didn't want to spoil the surprise for my swap pals. But one swap parcel arrived today which means that I can now show you this -

This was a swap organised on the Angel Yarns forum. My swap partner was Saira.

I must admit that I cheated slightly because I had already knit the back and front of this bag. It was sitting in a dark cupboard, un-sewn-up and forgotten, because I didn't have anybody to give it to. (I was also feeling a bit guilty about not finishing it because it was a Bag Ladies Knitting Group group project and the others had finished theirs.)

Anyway, when the swap was announced I thought this was an ideal opportunity for the bag to go to a good home. ;0) I really enjoyed finishing it (even the sewing up!) knowing that it was for Saira and I enjoyed buying some pampering goodies to go with it. I also added a ball of sock yarn from stash (purple/brown to match the purple/lavender theme/colourway that had developed) .

The pattern came from a Knit Today bags supplement from earlier this year and I used Debbie Bliss Pure Silk DK for the body of the bag (which may have been raspberry) and Colinette Tao silk for the handles and trim in Neptune. To get correct gauge, I used 3.75mm Denise Interchangeable needles instead of the 4mm needles recommended in the pattern.

I bought some more Colinette Tao silk at my last visit which I may use to knit another one. It's very nice to knit with. I wasn't so keen on the DB silk though. Not sure why, but the Colinette just felt nicer on the skin.

Elsewhere in my knitting, I've been making dishcloths for the first time and really enjoying them, although trying to choose a pattern from all the free patterns out there on the net was nigh on impossible! I was overwhelmed with choice - not a good thing for a first-class ditherer! ;0)

I've also got some socks OTN but again can't blog about those just yet. Stealth knitting does not make for interesting blogging! Sorry. :0) More details soon, hopefully.


blog-blethers said...

What a lovely swap gift! And am in love with your cok bag too! I am so tempted to start an afghan - I love your squares and its lovely to have the opportunity to try out new patterns and techniques in a smaller scale...

Melody said...

I love your bag Linda - s'lovely!!
And your afghan squares are beautifully knitted and gorgeous!

love debs xx

Aknita said...

What a lovely bag! And I love your squares too - I really must catch up with mine, I got very disheartened round about June.

I'd be SO miffed regarding your "waste of time" - rant excused!!!!!!!

debz said...

glad the bag is going to a good home linda, i still havent sewn the lining into mine so havent put on the handles or i-cord and flowers, must remember to finish it.