Thursday, 27 September 2007

My stash diet ends in style

I knew I wouldn't be able to stay on my stash diet until Christmas. It may have come to an end early but at least I did it in style! ;0) It doesn't help that I've been off work ill this week (feeling flu-ey) and I always tend to buy lovely stash to cheer myself up.

The first of my goodies to show you are these incredibly cute stitchmarkers by Viknits (available on e-bay via the link on her blog).

They arrived quickly, were very well packaged and are very detailed - they're gorgeous!

Last Sunday I bought some Posh Yarn Emily, which arrived today in a squishy pink parcel.
I had 2 x 100g of 'Fells' and 2 x 100g of 'Hula'. I think the Fells might become a Forest Canopy shawl (mainly because of the gorgeous green colour) but I haven't decided yet. I'm not sure what the Hula will become, I just liked the colour. ;0)

On Monday this week this month's package arrived from the Under Cover Club. It normally arrives at the beginning of the month but was a bit late because the Yarn Grove were waiting for delivery of a new colour. It was definitely worth waiting for - a beautiful cranberry red, deeper IRL than these photos.

The patterns for this month were Twisted Sisters (above) and All Fools' Welt (below). Each square took just a day to complete.

Also included in my package this month was this beautiful J. Knits sock yarn and cute sock bag. I was the winner in last month's prize draw for showing completed squares. (It's a good incentive to get them finished!)
It's a lovely bright daffodil yellow and blue. I'm now on a search for the perfect pattern. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. :0)

Elsewhere in my knitting, I've done another 6 squares for my aunty's afghan, so only 2 left to do now.
On the left is Tiny Eyelet Rib from Vogue Stitchionary Vol. 1.
Below is Susan Rainey's Sweater square from the Great American Aran Afghan book.

To the left is Chevron Rib and below is Eyelet Hearts, both from Vogue Stitchionary Vol. 1.

All these squares were knit with 5mm KnitPicks Options needles and Cascade 220 yarn.


LadybirdLinz (:i:) said...

Lovely additions to the 'stash'
I think all your afghan squares are just beautiful and the little sweater one is cute (I haven't seen one of those before)
Some of the patterns you have done are amazing.

LittleBerry said...

love the Stash enhancement therapy... the squares are looking great I look forward to seeing the finished afghan...

debz said...

you certainly did break your stash diet in style linda lol. some great stuff you have there.
i bet you get more on saturday too when you go to collinette for your course.

Linda said...

Debz - me buy yarn at Colinette?! Never! ;0) *LOL* Although I would like a squish of their new Iona ........ ;0)

Viknits said...

Ahhhhhhh what gorgeous stash enhancement! Your squares are looking really lovely, it'll be great to see the finished item, it's going to look brilliant! I'm glad you like the markers, I'm sitll a bit paranoid because I'm new at selling them, that they might not be that great. If you do think of any improvements I could make feel free to let me know :D
Colinette Point 5.. it's the stuff I dream of nekkid stash diving in ;o)

Linda said...

I *love* the markers. :0) Don't be paranoid because they're great! :0) I honestly don't think you could make any improvements. :0)

Lane aka Willow said...

Those squares are great makes me want to have a go. Love the stitch markers too.