Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Estonian Garden Scarf

On Sunday, after finishing an Aran jumper for DS (which I haven't sewn up yet) I cast on for the Estonian Garden Scarf pattern from Fiber Trends. I've had some Posh Yarn laceweight (Felicity - pure silk) in my stash from the November lace club and when I saw this pattern I knew what the yarn was destined to be.

I've done 33 of 41 repeats of the main body of the scarf, and will hopefully get onto the Lily of the Valley edging with "nupps" later tonight.

The Posh Yarn is lovely to knit with and has a gorgeous sheen. The colour is probably more accurate in the first photo. Once this is finished I intend to do something from the book Victorian Lace Today but haven't been able to decide yet. ;)

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Christina said...

That's looking gorgeous so far - lovely colour and pattern. thanks about finding the pattern number :)