Monday, 29 January 2007

Aran Jumper

Another knitted item for DS. This is knitted in James C. Brett Aran with 20% wool and is a Sirdar pattern. I think the cable would probably have shown up better in a shade without the flecks but seeing as I've got 3 x 400g balls of this yarn in my stash, I thought I'd better use it up instead of buying more! ;)

This was another quick knit which took about a week from start to finish. The back and sleeves were a bit mindless though because they were just stocking stitch.

I like the fact that this has buttons on one shoulder, which completely gets rid of those "screaming the house down" moments when the top DS is wearing simply won't go over his head (even though he didn't have a problem putting it on *rolls eyes*!)

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Christina said...

It looks fab, I love the colour. I think I may have that pattern too. I've given up knitting stuff for the kids, unless it is a cardigan or has buttons on the shoulders, cos they never seem to fit over their huge heads for long!!